Galvin Harrison + T.N.G (The Next Generation) is a collective installation project. It is a community based project initiated by Galvin Harrison and located in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen with the objective of changing and improving the lives and futures of  local young men who are in the main of Middle Eastern origin. One of the underlying and problematic issues that resides within all young men that have inherited the social and stigmatic DNA of the indigenous Middle Eastern migrant is that of personal identity. It is with the hope and the  firm conviction that the forming of Galvin Harrison + T.N.G with its initial inspirational source researched and extracted from the very best that the Middle East has contributed to global contemporary society  will travel some of the required distance in instilling a fundamental sense of understanding, pride and profound self awareness in all of the participating contributors to the project.

T.N.G. SCREEN has its roots in an earlier photographic/film-indoor/outdoor  screening concept that was established and known as RENEGADE SCREEN. It was a screening concept conceived and  established by the photographer Kevin Broadbery and the artist/sculptor Galvin Harrison. It is the intention to adapt the original ambitions of this concept into the newly formed T.N.G. SCREEN with the weight of the visual agenda placed firmly within the specific sphere of social, economic and environmental issues.

T.N.G. SCREEN has long had ambitions to expand the  geographical concept of screening contemporary photography beyond the domestic borders of Denmark. After enthusiastic  negotiations spanning both the North Sea and the Atlantic we can happily report that there now exists a filial of  T.N.G. SCREEN - New York State. The inaugural screening project `Middle East Photography and Beyond´ will be shown as part of the seasons opening exhibition on September 20. at Elmira College, New York State.