ELYSIUM Works on Paper


Works on Paper


There are times that arrive when the making making of sculpture ceases and family vacations take priority. Artists such as myself could exist within the zone of visual creativity without stepping out into the real world for a great length of time.

A veritable marathon of remaining submerged and holding the creative breath for as long as one can. Vacations create a dilema, a `what to do´ dilemma in between the times for meals, chores, banter and retaining domestic order. The survival strategy entails implementing the creative solution of long rural walks, observing the local landscape and the recording of it by  photography and preliminary sketches. These engaging and pragmatic activities become the vacational lifebelt. It is from this planned activity that the concept of the Elysium series of Works on Paper has been initiated and the daily ritual of absorbing and recording the surrounding landscape and impressions becomes a fulfilling part of the holiday program.


Galvin Harrison 2017










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