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I cannot grow;

I have no shadow

To run away from,

I only play

             The Black Forest - Sculpture Installation


The Black Forest is a sculpture based installation project.  It will be realised by the T.N.G. studio/workshop members and will culminate with a filmed performance to be located at Krakas Plads, Copenhagen. The project is purposely designed for the social inclusion and active participation of students,  public institutions and private commercial concerns as part of an `organic´ construction process. The installation and ensuing exhibition material will include supplementary models, drawings, photography and film. All material pertaining to the creation of the installation will be documented and archived. The first pro-active creative partnership has been established with FCYN a youth club institution based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

This joint cooperation will involve the participation of  150 plus youth club members and will be administered in partnership with Nikolai Friis-Farsøe , Thomas Berg (Løven) and Nicoline Munkesø from FCYN. 

The Black Forest project has at its heart an ambition to create a strong visual statement about the state of the world with regard to climate change and the developing catastrophe that is taking place.  The primary visual focus of the project is based around the incessant burning of the global landscape which is all to evident from the wildfires that have burned over vast areas of the planet this year. 

The Black Forest - Sculpture Vitrine Drawings


The`Foliage Drawings´ are made as part of

The Black Forest installation project.

They are a direct collaboration with T.N.G. member Stine Victoria Pedersen

for experiment + production using crochet/weaving techniques.