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Courage, it's a wonderful thing.
It's both a blessing and a curse.
Embrace it and harness it,
but do it in moderation,
or it might get the better of your self-doubt and sensibility.

                                                                                                                                                         Jack Kerouac

CityBlocks - BLACK

Light Blocks 3D Theatre was first launched under the working title of `City Blocks´. A playful and creative project conceived at the Marty McCutcheon studio located on Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California, along with good friend and fellow collaborator Brad S. Wise. The official launch of this innovative project took place under the title of City Blocks at the iconic San Francisco gallery, Ramon’s Tailor in 2015.

Light Blocks 3D Theatre is an interactive, multimedia installation project in which photographic imagery is projected onto a modular three dimensional screen comprising dozens of prepared cardboard boxes. Viewers and project participators are encouraged rearrange the screen.

Light Blocks 3D Theatre is an `any town project´. Local photographers and film makers, in cooperation with community arts volunteers, Create for the public a multimedia, interactive installation featuring local or curated imagery that is  projected onto a modular screen. Local viewers have the opportunity to view familiar environment from a new perspective, and `play´ with that perspective by reshaping the screen.

Berkeley Commonplace was established in January 2021 by Ingrid Ekstrom and Marty McCutcheon, as a means to build upon the success of Round Table Collaboration. Since 2009, hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also across the country and around the world, have participated in Round Table projects and workshops.

Well over one thousand collaborative collages have been featured in more than thirty organised exhibitions.

Berkeley Commonplace is expanding existing projects, devising additional programs and developing partnerships with other organizations such as T.N.G. Projects, jointly working to empower individuals and boost communities. The mission of Berkeley Commonplace is to bring about and support collaborative art projects and creative activities for the purpose of personal, social and civic well-being.

Light Blocks image
Light Blocks 3D Theatre
Light Blocks - Light Boxes
City Blocks
Light Blocks 3D Theatre
Light Box 3D Theatre


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