The tip of my finger taps the stars off track.
If I close my eyes,
darkness eclipses the world, until my eyelids lift
bathing it in gold.
And when I toss back my hair
the universe shivers in recognition.

                                                           Faten al-Gharra

T.N.G. SCREEN has its roots in an earlier photographic/film - indoor/outdoor  screening concept that was established and known as RENEGADE SCREEN.

It was a screening concept conceived and  established by the photographer Kevin Broadbery and the artist/sculptor Galvin Harrison. It is the intention to adapt the original ambitions of this concept into the newly formed T.N.G. SCREEN with the weight of the visual agenda placed firmly within the specific sphere of social, economic, and environmental issues.

Joseph Rodriguez - American History
Kevin Broadbery - LIMBO
Kevin Broadbery no_standing.
Brad Wise - American History
Brad Wise - American History
Joseph Rodriguez - American History
Joseph Rodriguez Black History
Transition Gallery Location

The first screening that will take place under the new administration of T.N.G. SCREEN is AMERICAN HISTORY with the photographers;

Kevin Broadbery, Joseph Rodrigues and Brad S. Wise. The screening will be shown in cooperation with TRANSITION, a gallery and design showroom located at Fælledvej 14 in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. TRANSITION is the brainchild of Christian Lindberg, a long standing partner of T.N.G. Projects. He is assisted within the TRANSITION framework and its ever expanding creative activities by Luke Boshoff.

`Do the one thing Apple can´t do and that is show your fingerprint´  

                                                                                                                                                          Tom Sachs / Contemporary artist 




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