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 "If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses".

                                          Bruce Nauman

The T.N.G. Project Team

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Galvin Harrison


 Creative Leader


Kevin Broadbery

Project Photographer

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Hamayun L. Butt

Head of X-Skolen

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Gina Zacharias

Photographic Projects


Christian Lindberg

Construction + Design


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 Thomas `Løven´ Berg

 Stenbroens Foreningen

Nawal AlHuraibi.JPG

Nawal AlHurabi

T.N.G. Studio Supervisor


Malte Frej Linnebjerg

Artist in Residence

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Julie Mendel

Writer in Residence

T.N.G. Workshop Image
T.N.G. Project Image
T.N.G. Workshop Image
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