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The People Who Came From The Sea

Have you forgotten your heir, and your kingdom,

The kingdom you buried under shadows of verses sung.

Did you still hear the past when you fell asleep

While you waited for the memories to illuminate another song.


Eliyah Mesayer


The outlook was dystopian and bleak. A blanket of discouragement and desperation descended without discrimination upon all factions of the general population that emitted a collective  aura of  sad weather. There took place a radical shift in the weather patterns. All became a oneness of stable uncertainty. The view from the shoreline was one of a perpetual dawn and dusk without even a peep of a midday sky. The atmosphere was rarified almost to the point of choking. None of it was real, it was all emotional, brought on by a great collective sadness. Along the isolated shorelines and concealed archipelagos the construction of a broad variety of sailing vessels continued. Images of the progress was recorded and secretly conveyed from hand to hand throughout the length and breadth of all the lands. The vessels under construction were baptised with names such as, Hope - Faith - Promise - Endurance - Courage and Fortitude to name but a few.It was hope that was given, as it was hope that was needed in a time when the rain was sour. When the wind was choking and the sun hid itself behind a veil of dense fog and mist which erased all view of the horizon, and clouded the view of the path one should take in order to move forward. In the distance, well beyond the obscure haze, all could hear the faint echoes of the axe, the hammer and the saw composing a symphony for the future.





Around the time I saw the light of morning

A comradeship of heroes was laid

From every corner of the world came sailing

The Fifty International Brigade.

                                      Christy Moore

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