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Sometimes I miss 
the boat that brought me here,
now that I am witness to the icy eyes of a Swedish winter, 
under these tired old clouds,
while that suitcase still holds a patch of the sky-blue me.

                                                                                         Azita Ghahreman

T.N.G. Projects Logo

T.N.G. Workshops + Projects

The backbone of T.N.G. Projects has from the offset been the creating of a unique and inspiring workshop environment. We committed to the idea that the workshop has to be a visually strong experience which has the facility and strength to inspire all that enter regardless of age, gender, or cultural background. The attached images offer a brief insight into the workshops we have constructed and the various projects we have facilitated.    

From The Sea - Fanø

Samuelsgaarden, located in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen is the central location of T.N.G. Projects.
We are constructing workshops in order to further the creative ambitions of both youngsters and adults.
We have two specific sculpture installations that we are working on as a creative collective;
`The Stockade Sculptures´ and `The T.N.G. Flotilla´.

Samuelsgaarden - T.N.G. Project Location
T.N.G Projects Work Table
Young Ibo with Ship Sculpture
Members Of The T.N.G. Crew
T.N.G. Projects Workshop
T.N.G. Flotilla Ship
T.N.G. Flotilla Sculptures
Dexter With Ship Sculpture
T.N.G. Projects Display
Constructing T.N.G. Projects  Display
Vibe with here ship sculpture
T.N.G. Projects Yard
sculpturesToWear2 copy_edited.jpg
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